Imex Canada Inc. supplies thin film solar modules. Due to double glass lamination, thin film solar panels are more durable, as well as, providing 5%-10% higher generating capacity compared to other materials.

We maintain a large inventory of thin film solar modules along with applicable accessories. A full set consists of a crate of 50 solar panels, mid clamps, end clamps, MC 4 connectors, and DC cable.
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Solar Modules Specifications

ASP - S1 - 85 Brochure

Benefits of our thin film solar module include:

  • It provides excellent power generator performance
  • It has an excellent low-irradiance effect as it provides a high absorption for the full spectrum. When exposed to a low-light condition at dusk or dawn of the day, the power generation performance has proven to be higher than other types of solar modules
  • Provides a low hot spot effect as the module has elongated cells that reduce the hot spot effect, which leads to better power generation capacity
  • Good stability
  • Our thin film modules are aesthetically appealing. They are the preferred choice for buildings with higher standards.


Comparison of C-Si & Thin Film Technologies

Thin Film C-Si
Generating Capacity Low temperature coefficient, excellent low-radiation effect, low hot spot effect. 5%-10% higher generating capacity comparing with C-Si module annually High temperature coefficient, PID effect, high hot spot effect; low absorb of scattered lights and diffuse lights; high dependency on installation angle
Maintenance Cost High anti-dust capability Regular cleaning for dust accumulation
Life Time Double glass module, longer life time C-Si cell easy to be broken, short life time, has PID effect
Application Environment Double glass lamination, anti-moisture, anti - saline, corrosiveness resistance, wind-sand resistance Back sheet easy to corrosion, strong water permeability, easily become yellow
Manufacturing Costs Low High

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